Erin Materu, Board Member/Operations Manager of INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center

Erin Materu, Board Member/Operations Manager of INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center is genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve others, to have purpose, and to bless those in need.
“I am a caretaker at heart, and I strive to be the light you want to see in the world.” Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Erin grew up in a close-knit family. Her Mother served others as a Social Worker and her Father served others as an Attorney. “My siblings and I observed our parents in their professions, and we saw the positive impact they made on others and their families. They planted a seed in me, that I was designed to serve others. I recall as a third grader, pulling my wagon through the neighborhood and knocking on doors to collect food for the local food pantry.”

At the age of 18, Erin relocated to Columbus, Ohio, to attend The Ohio State University and earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and became a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). Erin quickly embarked on her career and worked as a Case Manager with vulnerable populations for 8 years, prior to the birth of her son, Max. Erin transitioned careers in 2008 and currently is a Financial Analyst with Nationwide Financial Services. “Working at Nationwide provides flexibility in my schedule. I have always taken my role as a Mother seriously and that will always be my number one priority.”

Erin’s son played football and rugby throughout High School, and he became great friends with Joel, the son of Alex Clottey, the Executive Director/CEO of INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center. Max and Joel, along with their teammates were consistently volunteering at the Food Pantry. “Max said to me, ‘Mom you have to come see this place.’” Erin did just that and accompanied Max to the Food Pantry in 2023. She was immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful community she saw unfold before her own eyes. The clients are from all countries and the food is distributed with love, dignity, and respect. The volunteers, of all ages, are communicating in multiple languages and people are building a bond and a community. There is no shame, nor embarrassment. The volunteers and the clients are grateful for the socialization. “Even though the team of volunteers are ‘feeding others’– their own spirit and soul are being fed, as well. It is beautiful to watch the simplest act of human kindness.”

Immediately, Erin was ‘in’ and asked Alex Clottey how she could help the organization. After due diligence she was asked to serve on the Board in August 2023. Erin has noticed a greater economic divide and rise in mental-health challenges post-covid, within the refugee and immigrant community. The Food Pantry is open five days a week and on the third Saturday of each month and primarily serves the refugee and immigrant community. “When we open at NOON on Saturday, it is not uncommon for a line of cars to being forming at 7:00am.”

Erin Materu brings process, efficiency, innovation, and authenticity to the organization. Now that Max is attending college, Erin is grateful to devote time to serving on the Board and contributing to moving the needle forward through the implementation of streamlined processes and additional programming. The goal is to empower their clients to become self-sufficient and to achieve their aspirations and dreams. “We have a growing community to serve, and the entire team of staff, volunteers and Board members are dedicated to the Vision and Mission of INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center.” Erin was brought up to leave the world in a better place than one finds it and through her self-less service, she is doing just that!