We bring about positive change, and we impact the lives of residents in our community through the simplest acts of human kindness.  

Below are the 15 most frequently asked questions asked by our guests.  If your questions are not answered through the information below, please email us HERE. (This should be a live link to

10 am to 7 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 10 am to 6pm on Wednesdays and Fridays

 Depends on what is donated, but usually we do.

Depends on what is donated, but usually we do.

Yes, we offer non pork for Muslim clients.

Id card,  proof of residency and pantry card which is provided at the pantry 

 Can we still get food? Yes. 

 Mid-Ohio Collective and donations from retail businesses.

YES, Volunteers are always welcome.

Produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat.

We do not verify income, as we serve those in need. 

Below are the 10 most frequently asked questions asked by donors, funders, and supporters.

If your questions are not answered through the information below, please email us HERE.

We are challenged to bring in sponsorship, donors, and grant funding dollars, in order to keep up with our growing demand for our Food Pantry, Produce Market & General Market.  Funding for programs and day-to-day operating expenses are critical to cover—so we can continue to feed those who are in need. 

About 10 years and it was a calling from God to serve my brothers and sisters.

 We welcome any age, any color, and any nationality.  We serve an extremely diverse population of individuals and families.

Our clients’ demographics are changing due to inflation, COVID and increase in refugees and immigrants coming to live in Columbus.

At the pace of the current number served during the 1st half of 2023, we expect to serve over 240,000 people this year.

We have a plan in place to expand and provide additional services to our clients.

We are seeking funds to keep up with the growing population we serve.

Thousands upon thousands of individuals and families would go hungry.

Our volunteers come from churches, businesses, community groups, and some of our clients.

 The number of clients we serve has increased greatly.  We have improved our partnerships with referral agencies to meet the needs of the influx of refugees.