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Inprem Africa,from issue 4 Newsletter | Inprem Inprem Africa,from issue 4 Newsletter | Inprem
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Inprem Africa,from issue 4 Newsletter

The international extension of Inprem  is still making strides. We are currently putting in more work on the website.  We are also open any day to receive donations of any forms to less privileged in these areas. 

The survival of many in these areas are tied to the help they receive around the world. Clothing, shoes, bags etc and any kind of funding towards healthcare or educational needs of the young will go a long way to make someone’s life better. 

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Weekly Newsletter, Issue 6

Welcome to the 6th Edition of Inprem Speaks, to our volunteers and sponsors we say thank you for being an important part of the story.

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Inprem 5757

What’s Happening Now at 5757?, From Issue 5 Newsletter

The pantry has been opened Monday through Friday, 10: 00 am to 7:00 pm without fail. Most days we serve over hundred families…

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Spotlight ON

Spotlight ON, From Issue 5 Newsletter

Feature on Staff Volunteers Part 1 of 3 Inprem’s success is attributed to volunteers and sponsors. In this edition we will like to throw more light on our staff volunteers….

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