Kevin Kanning, Board Treasurer at INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center

Kevin Kanning, Board Treasurer at INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center, is rooted in authenticity and empathy as he operates with logic, rationality, and intentionality. Born in Los Angelos, California, his parents moved their family several times throughout his elementary and high school days. They lived in Missouri and Connecticut before moving to Columbus, Ohio prior to Kevin’s high school sophomore year. When he enrolled at Upper Arlington High School, it was discovered that he only needed two more classes to graduate. Kevin wasted no time, enrolled in summer school, and graduated from UA High School at the age of 16. “I always loved technology and software development and knew that would be the perfect career for me. I enjoyed it, was passionate about it, and excelled at it.”

Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State University, College of Engineering. Subsequently, he attended the University of Dayton and earned his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. “I felt that understanding how to bridge the gap between technology, business and finance would serve to impact any organization throughout my career.” In 1984, Kevin embarked on his successful software and engineering career with Mitsubishi. When they were sold, he was offered a position in Denver. “I didn’t want to uproot my wife and children at that time, so I pursued opportunities in Columbus in both technology and finance. In 1994, Kevin accepted a position with Banc One Service Corporation, when was eventually bought out by J.P. Morgan Chase. “I work closely at J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate with 13,000 of my closest friends and work as a V.P. of Tech Operations which is responsible for $400 Million in assets. Technology is part of my ‘DNA’, and I am proud to contribute to J.P. Morgan Chase and mentor others along the way.”

Kenny works with Deana Breitwieser at J.P. Morgan Chase and Deana serves as Board Secretary at INPREM Holistic Community Resource Center. “Deana and I also attend the same church and she began to share the Mission of INPREM—which simply stated—is To Feed The Poor. I was drawn to help. Once you witness the long line of diverse individuals who are struggling and waiting in their cars for the Food Pantry to open, you see that the need is real, and it is heartbreaking. Families are waiting to receive fresh produce and basic food items to carry them through to the next day.”

In 2022, Kenny joined the INPREM Board as Treasurer, and he is utilizing his talents in finance, technology, and business to further the financial disciplines of the organization. Budgeting, financial reviews and financial analysis are Kenny’s focus areas. “I want to ensure INPREM can feed as many hurting people as possible with the resources we have—and that always demands wise financial decisions.” As a J.P. Morgan Chase employee, the financial stipend which Kenny contributes as a Board Member is matched dollar-for-dollar by J.P. Morgan Chase. “Chase is a great community partner, and they encourage us to serve in our community.”

Kenny Kanning has been serving as Board Treasurer of Chapel On The Vine as well as on the Board of the Riverbend Homeowners Association since 2016 and 2010, respectively. As a Board Member, Kenny asks questions since he is a rational thinker and provides sound solutions. “I am here to listen and serve. I don’t take for granted the blessings and talents which I have, and I encourage others to do the best with what they have. If you have a heart to genuinely serve others, don’t just talk about it—do something about it!”