Letter from the Director,From Issue 4 Newsletter

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Letter from the Director,From Issue 4 Newsletter

Aug 23, 2021

Welcome to Inprem Speaks, we are delighted that you took the time to read.

We want to thank all our sponsors and volunteers for their contribution and the effort they put in to help us serve the community. Work at the pantry is still on going and our walk in clients number is steadily growing by the  day hence we want to encourage every reader to volunteer when they can and spread the word. We need help Monday through Friday and the third Saturday of every month for the produce market. Each day comes with it challenges and demands. 

Share our newsletters, we encourage you to donate knowing that these funds go towards a good course. This has been my stand  when it comes to food insecurity, hunger  is no respecter of person, anyone at any point in their life may be hungry for one thing or the other, the effort we put into serving the community brings hope to the hopeless when need knocks at the door.