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Director’s Corner

Welcome to Inprem Speaks, we are delighted that you took the time to read. We want to thank all our sponsors and volunteers for their contribution and the effort they put in to help us serve the community. Work at the pantry is still on going and our walk in clients number is steadily growing by the day hence we want to encourage every reader to volunteer when they can and spread the word. We need help Monday through Friday and the third Saturday of every month for the produce market. Each day comes with it challenges and demands.

Share our newsletters, we encourage you to donate knowing that these funds go towards a good course. This has been my stand when it comes to food insecurity, hunger is no respecter of person, anyone at any point in their life may be hungry for one thing or the other, the effort we put into serving the community brings hope to the hopeless when need knocks at the door.

 Apostle Alex-Eric K. Abrokwa-Clottey

Food insecurity is a topic that needs a lot more attention than it\\u2019s currently getting. According to V.M Salgoacar Colloge of law the right to food is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. 

Right to Food is classified into two components,  u2013 the right to adequate food and fundamental right to be free from hunger. In Ohio 1,547,110 people are facing hunger and of them 448,600 are children. People facing hunger in Ohio are estimated to report needing $757,327,000 more per year to meet their food needs as stated by

Feeding America

 As Paul Prudhomme stated, u201c You do not need a silver fork to eat good food\\u201d. No one should go to bed on an empty stomach hence the relentless effort Inprem puts  in to bridge the hunger gap. 

Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center has  constantly been putting in the work five days a week, and on the third Saturday of every month for almost seven years now in an effort to provide food for families in Ohio. Inprem offers a daily walk-in pantry service with no appointments and no zip code restrictions. A drive- through strategy was adopted  during the pandemic as food is an essential need and this style of service delivery has come to stay. 

We were able to partner with seven different organizations to help serve our communities through the Farmers to Family program, these partners include churches, schools, apartment complexes, retirement centers and daycare centers. 

Since  inception  in September 2014 Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center  has served a large number of families.  In 2020 alone  Inprem distributed 3,686,555.19Lbs of food. These are the statistics of service provided, households served 34,640 , zip codes 124. Number of people who benefited are 134,240, a total of 1,195,236  meals were given out. According to Feeding America the average cost of a meal in Ohio is $2.86. This means the value of total meals provided averages $3,418,375. The current monetary need as stated by feeding America is $757,327,000, Inprem is currently taking care  of 2.2% of the current hunger needs. There is still more to do why the quest to put in more work is required of all of us.

The services Inprem offers goes beyond feeding Ohioans, Inprem  provides free gently used clothing for individuals of all ages and genders. This service is available on our produce market days. 


Inprem 5757

Work at the pantry is always ongoing hence the need to get volunteers on a constant basis. At Inprem we have categorized volunteers into two groups. Everyday volunteers which we call staff, these group of volunteers are always around to keep the pantry operating everyday. They have a schedule they diligently stick to that makes service at the pantry possible.

Then we have regular volunteers who can come in anytime or book an appointment prior to their preferred date. We often need more of these regular volunteers since work is overwhelming for the staff volunteers. The website has an option to book a volunteer slot on any preferred day, you may as well walk in anytime and your help will be highly appreciated. One can volunteer at sign up station, can help with packing and shelving food, be part of the bagging team or even as a pick up truck driver. There is always something to do at Inprem.


Inprem Africa

The international extension of Inprem is still making strides. We are currently putting in more work on the website. We are also open any day to receive donations of any forms to less privileged in these areas.

The survival of many in these areas are tied to the help they receive around the world. Clothing, shoes, bags etc and any kind of funding towards healthcare or educational needs of the young will go a long way to make someone u2019s life better.