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To the amazing team from Chase Bank we say thank you. You always show up when we need you the most
Thank you Amazon, It’s one thing to show your support, but it’s another to have a schedule with us. We know we can always count on you. we are grateful for your support
city bbq volunteer story
Big thank you to City BARBEQUE (citybbq.com) for their volunteer services. We appreciate your time, your effort makes a whole lot of difference.
In September 2021, Joe and I stopped by Inprem Food Pantry to inquire about their operation and if we might be able to volunteer there. We met Pastor Alex outside, unloading pallets of food from their truck. He stopped his busy work to tell us about Inprem, introduce us to the Supervisor, who then gave us a tour.

We were immediately impressed by the organized simplicity and cleanliness of the operation, especially considering the many pallets or large containers of food in such a small facility. We were then invited to stay and help right then, or come back at our convenience. Inprem management has been very flexible, allowing us to work as much or as little as we can, depending on our schedule.

Since that day, we have been committed to helping Inprem serve the Northland area community (and beyond) in a loving and respectful manner. We have watched the operation grow and become more efficient as the demand for food has greatly increased. There are volunteers who serve the same days each week, those that come and go as they can, and large groups who come in at prearranged times. Inprem management and staff are always so welcoming, expressing gratitude and acceptance for all folks – both volunteers and clients, who request food.

We are blessed to be part of the greater effort to help anyone trying to make a better life here in the Columbus area. For whatever reason folks need a little help feeding their families, we enjoy serving them with a warm smile and respectful attitude.
Joe and Judy Burns
Pastor John
As a pastor I was asked to volunteer by a few church members who are on the board at INPREM. Recently Pastor Alex, the CEO/Director of INPREM, asked me to help supervise some of the daily operations several days a week (distributing groceries, helping newer volunteers have a terrific experience and assisting in the assembling of hundreds of food boxes while doing some general supervision on safety and operations). Because of the tremendous amount of food given to the needy, I have noticed that the management of the resource center is high functioning because of the process, systems, procedures and leadership in place.
My name is Beatrice( Bea) Charles. I have been volunteering at Inprem Pantry for almost 4 years. I retired from nursing in 2019 and I have been volunteering here since then. Inprem to me represents a place where anyone in need can come and have their needs met. There are no income restrictions and no zip code restrictions. Those who are served are served with dignity and caring attitude. Not only does Inprem provide many services to the community.It offers those in the community to give back by volunteering. I have always tried to be of service to others and Inprem helps me fulfill that dream. One of my greatest pleasure is greeting and interacting with the clients as they come through the line. I meet the most interesting people. They bring joy to my day. I hope I bring joy to theirs. Volunteering at Inprem enriches my life.
Beatrice( Bea) Charles
My name is Tina. After retiring volunteering at Inprem became a good fit. I started my volunteer work in December 2020. I have a shift every Wednesday. The community is very warm, loving and appreciative. If I call off it’s usually because of this gal!

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