Who we are


The mission of Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center is to continue to strengthen the strong collaboration with grassroots stakeholders, organizations, corporations, municipalities, professional consultants, businesses, and individuals to provide the necessary community resources, and comprehensive services within the confines of one structure. The cross-pollination of our groups enhances our potential to create innovative methods, to uplift the spirits of the community, and inspire and empower the people. We have been able to create a lasting solution to poverty of the soul, spirit, and hunger of the mind and body. Our five primary objectives of focus are Health and Nutrition (Daily walk-in food pantry), Education, Clothing Closet and furniture, Mentorship, Career Development, and access to Advance Technology.



The vision of our organizations is to empower and inspire individuals and families, incorporating the concept of holism within the community.



Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center’s goal is to create a sustainable community to prevent and alleviate human suffering, heal the spirit via inspiring hope, deliver information, provide advocacy services, and enhance quality of life for our collective residents in Central Ohio area. We expect excellence and will accept no less from ourselves or our partners.  Our organization’s goal and vision is to eliminate barriers to services for the community by housing all essential family services within one building.